INTERGARD PVC cable tiles are specially profiled with lengthwise rigidity and are manufactured from extra tough super high impact PVC compound which is suitable for use in all ground conditions. Being Bright and self-colored, Intergard tiles are particularly suitable as protective and warning makers for buried electrical and telecommunication cables as well as for underground water or energy pipe lines.

INTERGARD PVC tiles conform to impact strength requirements of British Standard 2484 : 1895.

Rigid PVC Cable Tiles


  • Approved by ADWEA, FEWA, DEWA, SEWA etc.
  • Light weight for easy transportation, handling, storage and installation.
  • Specially designed shape for lengthwise rigidity.
  • Made from rigid PVC which is resistant to ground chemicals.
  • Self coloured for permanent bright colouration, enhancing visibility.
  • Clearly printed with identifi¬¨cation, instruction or warnings.
  • Mortice and tenon joint allows for very strong longitudinal interlock.
  • Design also allows lateral joining to cover a wider area of protection when required.
  • Standard colors are RED or YELLOW but manufacturing flexibility allows colour, printing and length to be made to order.
  • Ex-stock.
  • Compliance with the impact strength requirements of British Standard 2484 : 1985.