EDISON Switch Isolators provides reliable protection for personnel and ensure high system availability in buildings and infrastructure. With Edison switch Isolator switches you can implement your projects more efficiently and thus safe guard your competitiveness. Edison switch Isolators are designed to systematically avoid electrical accidents. Thus, when maintenance work is being carried out on machines, for example you can help to prevent unauthorised operation by means of appropriate locking functions.
Designed to IEC 60947-1 & 60947-3, Edison Switch Isolators are suitable for the purpose of Isolating, Switching On & OFF, on-load, Emergency switching, Functional switching.

Enclosed Switch Isolators


  • Degree of protection IP65 IEC 60529
  • Degree of protection without front cover IP 20, IEC 60529.
  • Self-Extinguishing material, Glow wire 850°C – IEC 60529.
  • Enclosures in PBT Engineering plastic material and aluminium alloy with PBT handle.
  • Light grey, dark grey enclosures with black handle
  • Handle Pad lockable in “O” position as standard. Knock out for padlock in “I” position.
  • Wide Operating temperature range -5°C to 50°C.
  • Excellent insulating properties and U.V resistance.
  • Good resistance against many chemicals.
  • Cable Outlets M Sized threaded knock-outs.
  • Neutral Terminals Included and Auxiliary terminal not included.
  • Range

  • Plastic moulded -25A – 100A
  • Aluminium alloy -25A – 100A