EDISON side operated safety switches comply with IEC 60947 – 3. These switches can be used as maintenance switches or main switch with enclosure connecting various kinds of loads. Padlock is provided in “O” position to ensure human safety; the open position will always be clear and cannot be automatically reset.
For extra safety in motor applications, when 2 or more cables supply a motor or piece of equipment and several safety switches are installed, a label must be provided explaining the need of switch off before maintenance or repair. Typical applications of Edison side operated safety switches include in air conditioning, cooling systems, fans, lifts, conveyor belts, washing machines, restaurant kitchens and various industrial production facilities.

Safety Switch Side Operated


  • Degree of protection IP65 IEC 60529
  • Degree of protection without front cover IP 20, IEC 60529.
  • Self-Extinguishing material, Glow wire 850°C – IEC 60529.
  • Enclosures in PBT Engineering plastic material and aluminium alloy with PBT handle.
  • Light grey, dark grey enclosures with black handle
  • Handle Pad lockable in “O” position as standard.
  • Knock out for padlock in “I” position.
  • Wide Operating temperature range -5°C to 50°C
  • Excellent insulating properties and U.V resistance.
  • Good resistance against many chemicals.
  • Cable Outlets M Sized threaded knock-outs.
  • Neutral Terminals Included and Auxiliary terminal not included.


  • Plastic moulded -25A – 100A
  • Aluminium alloy -25A – 100A