Load break switches are used in a wide variety of applications from main isolators on incoming main switchboards to field isolators for three phase motors which can be hundreds of metres away for the control panels that supply them. Load break switches are deployed as main control, EMERGENCY-STOP and maintenance switches in industrial plants, infrastructure and buildings.
Interplast offers a wide range of load break switches suitable for AC23A utilization category and confirm to IEC 60947-3. Edison Load break switches are ideal for breaking stalled motor current, switching high inductive loads, capacitor banks, DC loads etc.

Enclosed Load Break Switches


  • Available in 4 frame sizes, rated current from 125-1250A.
  • Quick make & Quick break mechanism.
  • 100% Neutral rating true 4 pole switch.
  • High Electrical & Mechanical Life.
  • Suitable for both aluminium & copper termination.
  • Covered moving contacts for safety & dust ingress.
  • Suitable for incoming and outgoing feeders.
  • Front operated with 2 stable positions I-O.
  • Self extinguishing _berglass re-inforced insulating body.
  • Handle with built in door lock facility.
  • Available in open execution and sheet steel enclosure.
  • Easy add-on Auxiliary contacts.
  • Positive On/O_ Indication driven by contact mechanism.
  • Resistance to tropical conditions & polluted environment.
  • Low weight for easier handling & mounting.
  • Maximum ground clearance and terminal capacity.

Areas of Use

  • Low voltage switchgear and control gear part.
  • Enclosed systems.
  • Machine tools.
  • Motor Control centers (MCC).
  • Factory built switchgear assemblies.