With the wide use of computerized processing equipment in industrial facilities, the minimization of interference induced in the communication link between in-plant transducers or primary elements and controllers is critical.
The longer the control signal cable, the more susceptible it is to induced electrical noise. Shielding these cables with a copper braid or metallic tape will protect them from each other, but for long runs a better method of shielding is necessary for protection against external interferences. Numerous control signal cables can be protected from interference by using a properly designed and shielded enclosed-DECODUCT Cable Trunking is the perfect solution.

Metal Trunking Systems

DECODUCT Metal trunkings are manufactured in accordance with British standards. Metal trunkings and accessories conform to :

  • BS EN 10346
  • BS EN 10143
  • BS EN500085
  • BS EN500085-2-1

Metal trunkings range is offered with finishes such as Pre-galvanized & Epoxy coated finishes in standard lengths of 3 meters Return edge cable trunking system which is manufactured from Hot Dip Galvanized steel provides excellent protection against corrosions. Similarly accessories are also available according to the choice. State of the art machinery allows Interplast to offer cable trays in customized sizes and finishes