Our standard rigid PVC compounds are specially developed for pipe extrusion, injection molding, blow molding and are used in many applications including clear and colored profiles, roofing sheets, packaging, bottles, window frames and accessories, conduits and sockets, roller shutters, curtain track, pipes, cavity closures, rainwater fittings.

Apart from compounds used for indoor profile applications, a range of formulations have been designed specifically for outdoor applications to offer the maximum durability against weather conditions and UV radiation.

Rigid Compounds

Our extensive range of pipe compounds for pressure as well as non-pressure applications includes compounds for drainage and ducting pipe with high impact strength, conduits and corrugated pipes for electrical installations which comply with the highest pertinent standards

Rigid compounds for pressure applications include compounds for various diameter water distribution, well casing and other pipes capable of withstanding high internal pressures and impact. IP Harwal compounds offered for potable water applications meet all relevant food contact requirements.

To complement its range of pipe compounds, Interplast has also developed several pipe fitting formulations for both pressure and non-pressure applications.

The strict technical requirements of injection molding machines have been taken into consideration in the formulation of these compounds to provide fittings with physical properties of the highest standard. Compounds have been developed for fittings which satisfy BS, DIN and ASTM specifications.

  • Rigid extrusion compound – White Calcium/zinc stabilized, medium impact, satin finish, easy processing extrusion compound.
  • Rigid extrusion compound – black
  • Calcium/zinc stabilized, medium impact, satin finish extrusion compound. This compound may be used for a variety of general-purpose applications
  • Rigid bottle compound
  • Transparent, tin stabilized, medium/high impact bottle compound containing a UV absorber. This compound is suitable for blow moulding containers.
  • Rigid clear extrusion compound – Water white
  • Transparent, tin stabilised, medium-high impact, profile, or hollow section extrusion compound formulated for interior use. The material does contain a UV stabilizer.
  • Rigid injection moulding compound – Rain Water
  • Calcium/zinc stabilised injection-molding compound for indoor and external applications. This is a general purpose compound suitable for a variety of molding