IP HARWAL compound division produces a range of Flexible PVC specifically designed for processing both extrusion and injection moulding products . Flexible PVC compounds from Interplast are available in a variety of hardnesses and properties for different applications such as Hoses, cable insulation, electrical cables, packaging, packaging film, sheathing, footwear, wire coating, tubing, transparent low-toxicity PVC tubing, industrial strip doors, automotive profiles, gaskets, fabric coating and water stops.

Flexible Compounds

Interplast supplies a range of compounds for the manufacture of shoes, sandals and shoe soles. These compounds give products excellent mechanical properties and increased resistance to wear, thus providing durability to the shoes and sandals. A range of flexible options are available for these compounds depending on the final use and the requirements of each shoe manufacturer.

The range of hose formulations marked by IP Harwal includes compounds for normal opaque hoses in many colours, normal transparent and thread reinforced hoses, all protected against U.V radiation for increased weatherability. Spiral reinforced hose compounds for dewatering and industrial vacuum lines as well as food approved hose compounds for potable water are also offered by Interplast.

We produce general grades of compounds for gasket applications. Various colors and level of fillers can be provided as per customer satisfaction.

Water stop sections produce from IP Harwal Flexible PVC compound use as separators between sectors of fiber glass for water tanks to prevent leakage of water.