DuraMAx Car Shelters are manufactured with durable and maintenance free vinyl. The Car Shelters are reinforced with a strong metal structure that will carry up to 20lbs/aqft gravitational load. They are all weather durable and will never rust,rot. dent or mildew.
The assembly is simple, clean, safe and can be completed in a few short hours. All parts are pre-cut,drilled and numbered foe ease of assembly. All you need to provide is a leveled surface of either wood or concrete,the size of the desired Car Shelter. In addition you will need a drill with a #1 phillips head, hammer, measuring tape, pliers and a ladder.

Car Shelter

The car shelter is packaged in a heavy duty shrink wrapped cardboard box. The packaging includes all components, hardware and an illustratedstep by step instruction booklet DuraMax Sheds utilize the best quality materials, reliable manufacturing techniques, strict quality control and is backed by a Fifteen-Year Limited Warranty


  • will not rust, Corrode or Dent like Metal Garages
  • will not fade,Rot or Mildew like typical painted wood sheds
  • Reinforced with metal inserted columns for even greter rigidity and strenth
  • Metal reinforced roof support truss systems holds uo over 20lbs/sgft of Gravitational load
  • Shelves can be attached to columns
  • Easy access ramp