ALUPEX A2 is a unique and versatile cladding material manufactured with state-of-the-art technology of multi-layer lamination where two skins of non-corrosive special grade ALUMINIUM metal sheets are bonded on to a Non-Combustible Mineral Core. The external Aluminium surface of panels is coated with high performance PVDF (Poly Vinylidene Difluoride) paints to maintain consistent decorative finish of the building surface over extended period of time even in harsh Gulf weather conditions. The external surface is further protected by an easy-to-peel protective film.

The internal skin surface is supplied with non-corrosive service coating to further enhance its protection from cement or galvanic corrosion after installation

Alupex A2

The ALUPEX A2 range of composite panels is lighter and superior in strength-to-weight ratio, suitable for day-to-day use for external and internal wall claddings in modern architectural buildings to create attractive & durable finishes with minimal maintenance. This range is manufactured using non-combustible mineral core conforming to EN 13501-1 CLASS A2 fire rating and high performance Aluminium Alloys (E.g. AL1100 or AL3003 or AL5005) to ensure superior fire performance of the cladding system..


  • External Wall Cladding, Building Fascia and Facade Finishes
  • Curtain Walls and Internal Wall Finishes
  • Rooftop Edges, Parapet Walls and Wall Canopies
  • Spandrel, Column Covers and Beam Wraps
  • Balconies and Patio Wall Claddings
  • Partition and Ceiling Panels
  • Stairways, Elevators and Kiosk Panels