Aluminum Composite Panels sold under the brand name Alupex, is developed with the objective of supplying superior quality panels for modern day construction. 


Alupex range of composite panels is manufactured by multi layer extrusion lamination where two skins of non corrosive special grade Aluminum is sandwiched on to non – toxic polyethylene thermoplastic or a fire retardant mineral core. The external skin surface is available in various finishes and colours made from PVDF paint coatings.  Key features of this product include; attractive designs, durability, longevity, smooth surface, high tolerance and easy installation to name a few. Manufactured by Interplast which is a flagship of group Harwal, the company has 15 years of experience in metal coating and extrusion lamination and has a capacity of manufacturing over 3 million sq. meters a year. 



Alupex is manufactured by Interplast Company Limited, a flagship of the Group Harwal and a proud owner of leading brands such as DECODUCT, EDISON & INTERGARD. It was established in the year 1981 and since then Interplast is the market leader in manufacturing innovative products used in the electrical, construction and packaging industries.

INTERPLAST Building Material's division is providing innovative products for the continuously expanding construction industry in the middle east. This division's primary goal is to develop & manufacture quality products required for the modern building architecture.

Having realized that further diversification is needed to fulfill our growth strategy, in the year 2004, Interplast developed full range of Aluminium Composite Panels especially suitable for gulf harsh weather conditions.The ALUPEX product ranges are the next generation solution for all weather conditions. It is a unique and versatile cladding material used in enhancing new trends of modern architecture.

The solid experience of over 15 years in metal coating and extrusion lamination within Group Harwal companies resulted in establishing a state-of-art manufacturing facility at Sharjah, United Arab Emirates to manufacture over 3 million of ACP's. This facility is fully supported by our technical experts based in USA & Europe.


Performance with lightness:A proven strength-to-weight ratio surpassing the solid aluminium, steel and natural stones.

Surface with choice and longevity:Coated with specially formulated flouro polymer (PVDF) based paints in variety of colours & decorative finishes and life expectancy of up to 20 years.

High tolerance with elegance & beauty:A reliable surface performance to withstand extreme weather conditions of the Gulf and coastal areas to maintain elegance and beauty of buildings.

Durability with consistency:Manufactured with a corrosion resistant system to provide durability against temperature fluctuations, moisture, chemicals and ultra violet exposures.

Quality with confidence:Flatness without distortion, surface smoothness without deflection, extra peel-off resistance and high impact strength.

Saving energy for healthier environment:Helps in generating a pseudo-insulation and barrier to reduce the heat and sound transmission losses.

Easy installation and economical option:Can be formed in any shape, angle or curve with ordinary metal and wood working machinery and can be installed using conventional accessories.


General comparison of ACP with other Cladding Materials

PROPERTIES ALUPEX 4mm thick Aluminium 3mm thick Steel 1.5mm thick Granite 30mm thick
Weight (kg/m2) 5.52 7.93 11.44 81
Sound Insulation (dB) 25 15 5 Structure based
Heat Transmission Coefficient (Kcal/m2h C) 5.14 6.4 7.3 Structure based
Flatness Excellent Average Average Good
Weathering Excellent Average Average Good
Fabrication Easy Difficult Difficult Not possible
Maintenance Low High High Average
Installation Easy Extra care Difficult Difficult
Fire Properties Good Average Good Excellent
Panel Size Large (1.5m X 2.4m or longer) Medium Medium Not so large
Handling Easy Not so easy Not so easy Difficult
Overall Cost Low High High Very high


  • External wall cladding, Building Fascia & Facade finishes.
  • Curtain walls and internal wall finishes.
  • Rooftop edges, Parapet walls and wall canopies.
  • Spandrel, column covers and beam wraps.
  • Balconies and patio wall claddings.
  • Partition and ceiling panels.
  • Stairways, Elevators and Kiosk Panels.
  • Advertising display and sign boards.
  • Public and commercial display walls.
  • Poster hoardings and exhibition rooms.
  • Shop sign boards and showroom finishes.
  • Machine casings and furniture accessories.

Standard ACP Composition

Alupex - Aluminium Composite Panels are available in various widths & thicknesses depending upon the intended application. The range is further expanded into Fire Retardant and Stone Finish panels in attractive colours and patterns.

Today, Alupex products are available in 13 types of metallic finishes, 19 types of Solid Colours and 6 Stone Patterns as a standard range. In addition ALUPEX panels are also offered in MIRROR and BURSHED METAL finishes to replace conventionally used Stainless Steel and Mild Steel panels in the various cladding applications.

The standard panel widths available are 1000mm, 1250mm and 1500mm where as the lengths offered are from 2400mm up to 6000mm. However for optimum space utilization for exports we recommend panels lengths to be either a combination of 2400 & 3200mm or single length of 5000mm

Our standard product range is offered with a guarantee up to 20 years depending up on the specifications and colour finishes for all-weather-condition from hot & humid of the Middle East to extreme cold & dry weather of other continents.

We can also offer custom colours and specifications depending upon the minimum order quantity of 2000 sq.meter.


Fire Retardant Aluminium Composite Panels manufactured using a non combustible fire retardant mineral core conforming to CLASS 0 (BS 476) fire rating of British Standard certified by European testing laboratories.

This product range is manufactured using a chemically treated Aluminium surfaces to ensure lower oxidation and superior non-corrosive cladding system for high-end architectural requirements in commercial and public buildings.

The external Aluminium surface is coated with 2 and/or 3 coats system in PVDF (Polyvinylidene Di-Fluride or KYNAR) based paint system using special purpose base primer coatings to ensure superior performance under severe and harsh weather conditions for extended periods.

PANEL THICKNESS:   3, 4 & 6mm
STANDARD PANEL WIDTH:  1000, 1250 & 1500mm

A unique and revolutionary STONE finish Aluminium Composite Panels manufactured using latest coil coating technology. The top skin of Aluminium is coated repeatedly to achieve mixed colour patterns of the combination of PVDF, Polyester and Polyurethane paint systems to achieve a naturally look-a-like marble, granite and other stone patterns. The high gloss and consistent colour strengths are maintained by high temperature baking (up to 255 degree Centigrade). An additional topcoat of clear PVDF is used to maintain extended weathering performance for external cladding applications.

These look-alike stone skins are then subjected to conventional high-pressure extrusion lamination process to manufacture ALUPEX-TONE composite panels. There are various Granite and Marble finishes available identical to natural stones with higher strength-to-weight ratio. These panels are the best alternative to conventionally used natural Granite & Marble tiles.

PANEL THICKNESS:   3, 4 & 6mm
STANDARD PANEL WIDTH:  1000 & 1250mm

Standard Accessories used in Installation

All following Accessories are easily available in the hardware shops in the market.


The GROUP HARWAL's primary business is based on plastic & metal products, with over 60 years of experience in different processes and technologies. Plastic Compounds, Building Materials, Pipe Line Systems, Housing Systems, Shelters, Electrical Products, Household Items, Storage Containers, Garden Sheds, Plastic Disposables, Packaging Materials, Outdoor Products, Refrigeration, Residential & Contract Furniture are just some of the products manufactured by HARWAL under our wide spread manufacturing facilities in UAE, USA & CIS countries.

With an annual conversion capacity of 200,000 metric tons of plastic and 60,000 tons of aluminium & steel, the Group has come to the forefront of their respective industries.

To provide innovative products for the continuously expanding construction industry in the Middle East, INTERPLAST Building Materials Division has developed ALUPEX Aluminium Composite Panels in year 2004.

A combination of technological expertise in plastic and metal processing and use of vast resources in manufacturing has resulted in a state-of-art manufacturing base at Sharjah, United Arab Emirates having production capacity over 3 million Sq. meter of ACP/Year.


Plastic Processing Metal Processing
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Our In-house coil coating technology provides a high performance surface coating system based on Fluorocarbon (PVDF) paints developed by a leading European paint manufacturer. These paints are especially developed to meet the harsh weather conditions of the GULF region and of the other coastal areas having extreme temperatures, high UV exposure and high humidity. The technical support from our European paint manufacturer and our In-house testing facility, ensure that our high quality surface coatings conform to the standards established by ECCA (European Coil Coating Association) and similar bodies under DIN and ASTM.

A fully integrated manufacturing facility with state-of-the-art coil coating facility and In-house testing laboratory is providing quality products designed to meet the harsh weather conditions of the Gulf region.


ALUPEX is manufactured with state-of-the-art technology of multi layer extrusion lamination where two skins of non-corrosive special grade ALUMINIUM metal sheets are bonded on to the non-toxic Polyethylene thermoplastic or a fire retardant mineral core to form a sandwich panel. The external skin surface is available in various finishes and colours made from fluropolymer coating systems processed by our In-house coil coating facility.

An easy-to-peel protective film further protects the external surface. The internal skin surface is supplied with a non-corrosive service coating to further enhance its protection from cement or galvanic corrosion after installation.